Learning How To Balance Your Chakras

chakra balancingAs the seven centers of energy that support our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, chakras can easily become imbalanced. Any time our emotions are out of whack, our bodies are sick or injured, or we are suffering from mental blocks or illnesses, a little chakra balancing can go a long way to welcoming the right type of energy back into the body.

There are some very simple and easy ways to balance your chakras on your own. You don’t have to see an expensive therapist or buy a pricey tool to do this. Here are several methods that you can use to do some DIY chakra balancing:

  1. Color Method

Each of the seven chakras is related to a specific color, which can be used to heal that area. Try eating foods in the associated color, visualizing a light in that color filling the area, or using a crystal of the associated color to heal the specific chakra.

  • The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated to the color red.
  • The sacral chakra, located just beneath the naval, is associated with the color orange.
  • The solar plexus chakra, located just above the naval in the stomach area, is associated with the color yellow.
  • The heart chakra is associated with the color green.
  • The throat chakra is associated with the color blue.
  • The third eye chakra, located between the eyes on the forehead, is associated with deep indigo.
  • The crown chakra, located in the spiritual plane, but pictured as being at the crown of the head, is associated with the color violet.
  1. Elemental and Sense Method

The chakras are each associated with a specific element or sense that can be used to heal the specific area. For example:

  • The root chakra is associated with the earth and our sense of smell. Try using aromatherapy, particularly earthy, herbal scents, to fill this chakra with healing energy.
  • The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water, and the sense of taste.
  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with the element of fire and the sense of sight. Consider meditating with lit candles, or visualizing a flame, to heal this chakra.
  • The heart chakra is associated with the sense of touch, and the element of air.
  • The throat chakra is associated with the sense of hearing. Consider calming music, chanting, singing bowels, or other therapies to heal this chakra.
  • The third eye chakra is related to the so-called “sixth sense”, but also to light.

By understanding these connections, you can easily tailor a balancing meditation session that engages the correct sense with the correct element to provide healing.

  1. Crystal Method

Each of the chakras also connects to a specific ability or faculty of the body. In the same way, crystals have certain meanings that connect to certain abilities, faculties, or states of being. By combining the crystal that promotes the state you want in a certain area or ability, you can balance your chakras in this way. For example:

  • The root chakra is associated with our sense of survival and stability. Tiger’s Eye is known for enhancing feelings of stability and support, and is commonly used to balance the root chakra.
  • The sacral chakra is associated with creativity and relationships, particularly our passion and joy in our relationships. Amber and other orange crystals are used to heal this chakra.
  • The solar plexus chakra relates to our personal feelings of power and growth, as well as the health of our organs. Try yellow stones like citrine.
  • The heart chakra relates to our compassion, love, and spiritual wellbeing. Try the classic rose quartz to increase a nurturing, loving kindness in yourself.
  • The throat chakra relates to our ability to communicate and to trust others. Use the sodalite to balance this chakra.
  • For the spiritual, intuitive clarity of the third eye chakra, use an amethyst to improve mental peace, and to help reduce anxiety.
  • For the crown chakra, which relates to our sense of enlightenment and connectivity to the universe, use a clear quartz. This crystal acts as a focus that can bring the entire mind, body, and spirit into harmony.

Combining Methods

The best way to perform a DIY chakra balancing may be to combine multiple methods until you’ve found the best solution. If you want to focus on a particular area of your life, such as enhancing your creativity, try focusing on the specific chakra related to that ability. To improve your health and regain overall balance, a total body experience may be in order.


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Choosing The Right Crystal Jewelry

crystal jewelryWearing crystal jewelry is one of the easiest and best ways to experience the healing nature of crystals. With the crystal held against your skin or clothing, in an attractive accessory that you can see and feel all day, you’ll be constantly in-tune with the energy of the specific crystal.

For some, choosing a crystal is easy. They are instantly drawn to the appearance or attributes of a specific stone. For others, it can be hard to know which crystal to use.  If you’ve never used crystal healing before, or you are ready to branch out and try some new crystals, here are some tips to help you choose the right crystal jewelry.

Tip #1: Color Theory

If you’ve never researched crystals before, or you prefer to take a more organic approach to choosing a crystal that speaks to you, you can forego crystal meanings altogether and focus on color. Popular color choices include:

  • Red for the base chakra. Red crystals like garnets and jaspers can make you feel grounded, but also offer feelings of courage and passion.
  • Orange for the sacral chakra: Orange crystals like agate and carnelian help you feel optimistic, energetic, and highly motivated. When used for the sacral chakra at the navel, this color can also help fuel a desire for physical love.
  • Yellow for the solar plexus: Yellow stones are perfect for addressing physical health issues, particularly organ health. Citrine and amber crystals make you feel alert, happy, and healthy.
  • Green for the heart chakra: Many people may reach for the light pink rose quartz for the heart area (which is still a great choice), but a green stone could be just the ticket. Green represents prosperity, success, and stable emotions. Choose a jade or aventurine crystal.
  • Blue for the throat chakra: Blue crystals like topaz or lapis lazuli offer a clarifying, inspired energy. If you want to improve your spiritual path, or feel more balanced in your life, a blue stone could be the best choice.
  • Violet for the third eye: Violet is a very creative color, representing intuition and a sense of connection with the unseen. Amethysts and fluorites can also offer a sense of peace and acceptance in your life.
  • Clear crystals for the crown chakra: Clear may not be anyone’s first choice when going by color, but clear crystals are considered a very powerful option. Stones like moonstone and clear quartz help a person feel highly energetic and purified.

Tip #2: Consider Your Needs

What reason do you have for seeking out the healing properties of a crystal? Depending on what kind of ailment you want to heal, or situation or attribute you’d like to improve or enhance, you can find the perfect crystal with just a small amount of research.

For example, if you’d like to improve your mental concentration, you may choose a sodalite crystal. To improve your motivation and ability to finish what you start, choose a citrine. If you’d like to be more creative, consider a turquoise or an aquamarine.

If you have been going through a period of self-doubt or self-hate, a rose quartz will offer you feelings of love and acceptance. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of anger or jealousy, smoky quartz is your friend. Hematite can help you deflect the emotions of others so that you don’t become sad or overwhelmed when offering a shoulder for friends to cry on.

Jade can help you attract more prosperity and opportunity in your life. Amethyst and aquamarine are both great for attracting more serene calm into your life. Do you wish that you could experience a spell of good things? Try a rutilated quartz to manifest your desires, or an obsidian to reveal what could be holding you back.

Tip #3: Trust Your Gut

Finally, no matter if you are visiting a crystal shop or looking at crystals online, don’t discount your intuition. If you keep coming back to the same image or crystal, it’s probably not because you simply think it’s pretty. Your body, mind, and spirit all know what they need. Allow your gut to choose if you don’t have a specific need in mind.

After choosing the right crystal, choosing how to wear the crystal should be even easier. You can either choose to wear the crystal in a setting that aligns the crystal with the associated chakra (a navel ring for the sacral chakra, for example), or simply wear the crystal in an attractive setting that you are comfortable with.


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Understanding Tarot Cards

tarot cardsFrom classic horror tales to unexpected appearances in movies such as Tombstone, the popular image of the Tarot is often either a spooky witch’s trick to get under the hero’s skin, or a carnival trick played for laughs. Rarely is tarot ever depicted in a way that is true to the actual nature of the cards, which is why it’s not uncommon to be unaware of what tarot cards truly are, or how they are used.

A Quick History of Tarot

The exact date of invention is unknown, but most historians agree that the tarot deck we see today originated in 14th century Turkey, later adopted by the Italians into a game called “tarocchi approporiati” during the 15th century. In this game, players used the thematic images on each card to write poems about their fellow players, for the entertainment of the players as well as the crowd. Later the cards were used in a strategic game similar to today’s Bridge.

Tarot Today

In our modern use of tarot decks, the thematic imagery on the cards is used to help understand a situation or problem, or to discover an answer or a path that one could follow going forward. The reader interprets the symbolism on a drawn card to gain a greater understanding of a specific issue, based on the question posed by the person requesting the reading.

Tarot decks are divided into a Minor Arcana, the suited cards, and the Major Arcana, a smaller deck of cards representing more powerful symbols. Every card has a unique message based on the symbolism found in the art, the suit, the number, and so on. While the classic Raider-Waite deck is one of the most popular tarot decks, there are thousands of decks with artwork ranging from detailed and symbolic, to modern and minimal.

Meanings of the Suits

Many decks have different suits or court members, based on their own theme. For example, while the Raider-Waite deck contains the wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, the Wildwood Tarot deck uses Arrows, Bows, Stones, and Vessels. For this article, the Raider-Waite suits are used.

  • Wands: Connected to the element of Fire, the Wands suit represents a person’s creativity and willpower.
  • Pentacles: Connected to the element of Earth, the Pentacles represent the material and the physical.
  • Cups: Connected to the element of Water, the Cups represent the realm of emotion.
  • Swords: Connected with the element of Air, the Swords suit represents reason and higher thinking.

Each numbered card shows a different aspect of the major focus of the suit. The court cards also each carry their own meaning, displayed through the symbolism on the card.

Meanings of the Major Arcana

There are 22 cards in the Raider-Waite Major Arcana, and each carries a wealth of meaning. Briefly:

  • The Fool, 0: Represents folly, carelessness, and vanity.
  • The Magician, 1: Represents skill and self-confidence, but also pain and loss.
  • The High Priestess, 2: Mystery and wisdom, but also passion and conceit.
  • The Empress, 3: Taking action, overcoming doubt and ignorance.
  • The Emperor, 4: Power, protection, and authority.
  • The Hierophant, 5: Mercy and weakness.
  • The Lovers, 6: Love, beauty, and attraction.
  • The Chariot, 7: Could represent either victory or defeat.
  • Strength, 8: Power and energy.
  • The Hermit, 9: Represents deliberation, caution, or fear.
  • Wheel of Fortune, 10: Luck and success.
  • Justice, 11: Represents balance and rightness.
  • The Hanged Man, 12: Represents sacrifice and devotion.
  • Death, 13: Represents change, transformation, or mortality.
  • Temperance, 14: Frugality, moderation, and combination.
  • The Devil, 15: Violence, fatality.
  • The Tower, 16: Ruin, loss, or misery.
  • The Star, 17: Hopefulness, but also arrogance.
  • The Moon, 18: Deception, danger, or instability.
  • The Sun, 19: Contentment, wealth.
  • Judgment, 20: Represents a coming of results.
  • The World, 21: The nature of the world; a voyage or change.

Using Tarot Cards

By using the symbolism on a tarot card, a reader can understand a problem better, or perhaps even find an answer that may not have been considered before. For example: if a person asks a reader to help them find a way to save their marriage, and the reader draws the Page of Wands, this could help the questioner realize that they need to dedicate some energy to discovering new, creative ways to show their love.

As you learn more about tarot cards, you can then move on to learning how to use specific spreads to gain an even deeper understanding. The important thing to realize about tarot card usage is that the answers and understanding divined from the cards are simply a result of using the thematic symbolism on the cards to open your mind to a new idea or direction.


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A Beginner’s Introduction to Shamanism

shamanShamanism is a word that you may have heard mentioned alongside concepts such as paganism, tarot, crystal healing, and other alternative spiritualities or healing methods. However, when you probe a little deeper, you’ll probably realize that the general public knows less about what a true shaman actually does than about any of these other types of spiritual paths.

What is a shaman?

Shamanism is not a particular religion or spiritual path, but rather a practice that can be found across many different cultures and spiritual groups. Ancient texts refer to shamans as healers and leaders, who imparted wisdom and cared for the sick or injured. Nearly every ancient belief system, from pagan Celts to the Native Americans or Australian Aborigines had shamans.

To understand what shamanism is and how it is practiced, it’s important to understand a few key ideas or goals that most, if not all, shamans share:

  • Shamans believe that their spirit should have a relationship with the spirits of all living things around them.
  • Shamans believe that guidance comes from being in-tune with another level or plane of reality. Meditation or conscious-altering stimuli are often used to achieve this state.
  • Shamans use their relationship with the unseen world of spirits and higher reality to heal and find wisdom to share.

These three understandings offer a basic idea of what shamanism is about at its core.

Other Aspects of Shamanism

In addition to the three ideas above, these are some aspects that define shamanism. Remember that all shamans are different, and may practice a different type of shamanism. The shaman whose roots and teaching was connected to ancient Gaelic paganism will likely be very different from the shaman whose practice is connected to the Haitian Vodou faith.

  • An intense connection with nature. Most shamans believe that everything has a spirit, much like the beliefs of Native Americans.
  • A duty to the health of the community at large. Shamans were servants of the tribe or community, and still are today.
  • A daily spiritual practice. While shamanism is found in all different faiths or spiritual practices, it cannot be totally divorced from any spiritual belief. A daily practice is usually an important aspect of shamanism.
  • A reliance on ceremony and the idea of sacred places. Many shamans go on pilgrimage to sacred places, and ceremony is thought to help create harmony and balance during a healing.
  • A belief in visions and the importance of entering an altered state of consciousness. It turns out that the Hollywood picture of a mystical shaman in a smoke-filled room, partaking in a mind-altering drug, is at least slightly based on the truth. Using meditation or some sort of stimuli, shamans do alter their consciousness to connect to other planes of reality.

The Shamanic Journey and Power Animals

In order to become a shaman, a person must go through a ritual known as the shamanic journey. This process allows the person to connect to the unseen world of spirits and higher reality. This may or may not be an actual physical journey. Usually, it involves an extended period of being in an altered state of consciousness, through intense and prolonged meditation.

During these journeys, a shaman could experience any number of things, likely related to the spiritual or religious practice that their shamanism is a part of. Typically, this is the time when they would develop or strengthen their relationship with the spirits of the world around them, establishing themselves as a shaman who will be returning to this plane to seek guidance and healing.

One thing that is present in many types of shamanism is the idea of a power animal. Often discovered or met on the shamanic journey, a power animal is a type of spiritual guide similar to a totem. They offer power, wisdom, support, and protection to the shaman while they are in the spirit realm. These are unique guides to the shaman, and could be absolutely any kind of animal, reptile, insect, or other creature.

Shamanism Today

When Christianity was introduced to Europe, many of the pagan traditions of the shaman were nearly destroyed for good. However, thanks to the prevalence of shamanism in other religions and faiths around the world, we are now able to continue this tradition today. While modern shamans may not replace medical doctors the way they did in ancient times, they may still be called upon, similar to a priest or other spiritual leader, to offer alternative healing or guidance to their community in times of need.


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Signs He May Be Cheating

Have you ever thought that your partner is cheating on you? Were you afraid to ask him or did you ask him and get an irritated response? Feeling that you are being cheated on is not a good feeling at all. It is necessary to get to the bottom of your fear so you can know the truth.

532988647_1972b91c24_zNow, it may be difficult to catch your partner if he is cheating and lying to you about it. Particularly deceptive partners can develop numerous manipulative techniques which will convince you that everything is perfectly fine, and that nothing shady is going on. You need to be perceptive and smart when it comes to catching your partner in a lie, but fortunately horoscope can help you discover some of the typical signs of cheating.

Signs he may be cheating

Aries: this zodiac sign is usually recognizable by aggressive mannerism and extreme stubbornness. When confronted with questions, an Aries man may start to overreact and throw temper tantrums. If your Aries partner gets incredibly mad at your questions instead of simply answering them in a calm fashion, there might be a reason to worry.

Taurus: Taurus men are generally calm and confident. When faced with accusations of infidelity, however, they will quickly change their behavior radically and start getting jealous and terribly insecure. Do not take this lightly and start investigating possible infidelity as soon as possible.

Gemini: Gemini men will usually share everything with you, starting from their phone to all the information you need. When they start getting secretive and mysterious, however, it is time to start worrying. If he is constantly double-checking his computer or phone, and refuses to tell you who is sending him those messages he constantly receives, definitely pay closer attention. Gemini naturally share everything they have, but be cautious or he may start sharing everything he has with someone else.

Cancer: One of the defining characteristics of cancer men is willingness to spend a lot of time with their partners. If you notice your Cancer partner spending a lot of time alone or preferring to attend activities by himself you should pay attention to possible insincere behavior. It is possible he is just going through rough time, but he could also be cheating and concealing that by spending time alone so he doesn’t feel as bad as he certainly does when he is with you.

Leo: Natural born leaders, Leo men will start attempting to start arguments for the sake of arguments when they start enjoying secretive intimate activities. If he starts bossing you around and telling you what to do, be aware that he might be activating his natural defensive mechanism, and could be up to something no good.

Virgo: Virgos are incredibly emotional and caring. That is a positive trait when it comes to relationships. They seem to worry too much at times, and even think about your decisions and situation more than you do. However when they start cheating, they completely change their behavior. They will stop being interested in anything related to you, and will simply shrug off any suggestion or question you make. When that happens it is definitely time to start investigating.

Libra: As much as Libras are great when they are honest and open, they do turn into liars and manipulators when cheating and conducting nefarious activities. They will start manipulating to the point where you feel sad for starting the question in the first place. When he starts with self-pity and manipulation it is time to take matters into your own hands and find out if there is anything wrong. It is particularly important not to fall under their charms and start feeling guilty about being suspicious.

Open and honest communication regarding cheating

These are simply some of the signs that he could be cheating on you, but before you get overly concerned, sit down and have a simple and honest conversation with your man. Let him know in a calm matter that you’re feeling insecure and would like to know the truth about the matter. Sometimes jealousy is common in a relationship and at times our very own insecurities pop up for no reason. This is why being vulnerable with your partner and having a compassionate discussion is necessary. This way you can perhaps get to the bottom of why you’re feeling like he is cheating in the first place.

Yes, cheating does occur sometimes in a relationship, so it is a good idea to be aware of the red flags, but open communication is a great way to have a discussion around this topic. That way you don’t get lost in your thoughts or fears regarding whether he is or isn’t cheating.

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An Introduction to Tarot Card Readings

128304597_de4015f484_zWhen you think of tarot card readings, certain images may spring to mind. You may have images of women garbed in flowing robes with mystic cards spread before them, while the secrets of the future are revealed. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve probably seen tarot card readers set up in the French Quarters ready and willing to perform their art for a small dollar amount. In fact, you’ll see quite a bit of interesting things in the French Quarters.

In truth, tarot card readings don’t tell the future, and not all card readers breathe incense while wearing flowing robes. In fact tarot card readings are meant more to connect one with their own higher self and to provide insight. Tarot card readings offer insight and guidance on where you are, how to overcome stumbling blocks, and give directions on how to proceed toward a desired goal.

The gist of tarot card readings

Before a tarot card reading is done, the person having the reading is asked to shuffle the cards and focus on the question or questions they want to ask. The reader then draws a particular number of cards and lays them out in a specific order, generally called a spread. There are many different kinds of spreads, and the one selected is dependent upon the discretion of the reader and type of question being asked.

Once the cards have been laid out, their meanings are interpreted by the reader. The meanings of the cards are dependent on a number of factors, like the face value of the card coupled with its placement within the spread and the neighboring cards. The interpretation is then expressed through the reader to the person having the reading.

A person may desire to have a tarot card reading done for a number of different reasons. One such reason might be being faced with major life changes or big decisions. Another reason might be simply feeling lost and trying to find direction. Having a tarot card reading frequently offers the seeking person insight into their life trajectory and helps them understand the options and the possible outcomes with greater confidence. Needless to say, there are any number of reasons that a person may want to have a reading done.

Who does tarot card readings?

There are many people who can do tarot card readings and just about anyone can learn how to do them. The most commonly utilized source would be psychics. These folks most frequently offer services of tarot card readings, psychic readings, and sometimes palm readings. But these are not the only places one can turn to when seeking to have one. There are alternative spiritualists, such as Wiccan’s, Druids, and any number of pagan practitioners. Many of these folks would be happy to assist a friend or acquaintance who is seeking to have a card reading done.

Another common place to turn for quality information is books. There are a plethora of books available today that can help the average person conduct their own tarot card reading. You can oftentimes find several good books in the library for free and there may be some free books online as well. You can also check out Amazon or eBay for other books. Additionally, check out some of the more popular tarot reading websites for free articles to learn a great deal about the art.

The books come with tarot decks, explanations of the different spreads and their meanings, and dictionaries on the individual cards. These resources are very helpful and easily accessible.

Before you do your own reading

Before conducting your own reading, there are a few things to consider regarding the tarot cards themselves. There are many different kinds of tarot cards and they all have similar symbolism and meanings. Some of the most widely recognized are the hanged man, the fool, death, lovers, the moon, and the sun.

Some have been adapted for different schools of thought, however, and when learning to read them, their unique meanings must be kept in mind. Some of the different kinds available are the traditional tarot, customized decks that adopt representations of Greek gods and goddesses, animal tarot, tree tarot, runic tarot and others.

If you’re interested in tarot card readings, continue to do some research and if you know someone who does readings, ask him or her some questions. Also, go get a tarot reading done so that you have an idea of just what occurs during a reading. Have fun with it!

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Why Psychics Charge So Much Money Per Reading

The amount of money charged by psychic mediums is not always specific. Some offer their services free of charge while others charge up to $800 per reading. There are several reasons that prompt some psychic mediums to charge more compared to others. The mediums who do not have the support of a breadwinner and charge a small amount of money often choose to have other forms of employment to cater to their monetary needs. Such psychics are unable to use their gift fully since they dedicate most of the time working on their jobs.

4936925900_638688bc51_zPsychics who give readings on a full-time basis have to make enough money for paying their bills and tending to their families. Just like other ordinary people, they too must pay for a mortgage, rent, car expenses, health insurance, utilities, clothing, food, and other basic needs. Therefore, for them to have the capacity to pay all the mentioned bills, they have to charge a lot more money per reading.

Psychic mediums who give readings on a full-time basis typically help more people compared to those who work on a part-time basis. The downside is that even if they charge $200 per reading, the number of readings they can give per day do not usually exceed three. More often than not, they rarely work for five days a week. Giving a reading usually takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore, it is fundamental for a psychic medium to have a good balance to protect this energy.

There is a common myth that spiritual gifts such as psychic readings should be free of charge. People need to know that abundance breeds empowerment, regardless of whether your occupation is artistry, music, psychic medium, or even a leader. There is nothing empowering or spiritual about financial struggle and poverty. Abundance makes it possible for people to grow and focus their resources, energy, and time on helping those in need. Therefore, an empowered psychic medium can help a lot of people. To attain this empowerment, they have to charge more for their services.

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